01.jpgCement industry: rotary kiln, kiln and drying machine, two fan system, waste heat power generation.

Dust source: raw material preparation, firing system, made the system; dust sources of cement production enterprises very much, crusher, mill, high-efficiency powder machine, conveyor, hopper, top and bottom of store house and packaging system, drying machine drying, grinding, coal grinding and cooling machine, rotary kiln (kiln the head and tail) and the development of kiln and mill dust and soot, have a large number of.

Characteristics: the emission of smoke and dust is large, about 5%; the composition is miscellaneous, CaO, SiO 2, Fe 2 O 3, Al 2 O 3, MgO; SO2, CO 2, NOx, fluoride.

The requirements for filter material are: the service life is up to 3 years, the efficiency is high, the ash removal effect is good, the resistance is low, the temperature range is wide, and the emission is less than 30 (GB 50). The emission standard for air pollutants in cement industry (GB49152004).

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Laiwu Lianyun India Cements Limited was founded in 1970, the total assets of 150 million yuan, has 5 modern machine shaft kiln production line, annual production of 1 million 100 thousand tons of cement, the company's existing staff of more than 1100 people, leading products, 32.5R brand 32.5 Lianyun and 42.5 ordinary Portland running.

03.jpgJinyuan Holding Group Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise group with the production of cement as the main industry, cross regional and multi sector development. Jinyuan cement is the Golden Circle Holdings Group in cement production as the core of the listed company, which owns Qinghai mutual gold circle India Cements Limited, Qinghai mutual gold circle India Cements Limited people and cement branch, Qinghai Qinghai Lake India Cements Limited, Qinghai Hongyang cement limited liability company, Shuozhou Jinyuan India Cements Limited, Taiyuan Jinyuan India Cements Limited, Heyuan city environmental protection Jin Jie building materials Co. Ltd., Jinhua Jing Cheng Trading Co. Ltd and other ten holding subsidiaries.