Shandong Wei Bridge Venture Group Co., Ltd. is located in Northern Plains south, close to Ji'nan airport, Qingdao port and Jiaoji railway, Jinan Qingdao highway, near the Yellow River, is a company with 10 production base, the total assets of 140 billion 400 million yuan, textile, dyeing, clothing, home textiles, thermal power industry in one large enterprise, technology and equipment in the the world first-class production scale and economic benefits for 17 consecutive years in the national textile industry first, Chinese cotton textile processing industry is the most competitive enterprises and the world's largest cotton textile enterprises.


China Aluminum Company Shandong enterprise (Shandong Aluminum Inc, China Aluminum Shandong branch) is located in Zhangdian District, Zibo, Shandong. North pillow surging the Yellow River, south of the towering Taishan, Jiaoji Railway and Jinan Qingdao expressway runs from east to west, Zibo eight, Zi East Railway and Binzhou Boshan Expressway connected north and south, and Yantai Qingdao international port and the capital of Ji'nan is close at hand, Barry, location, convenient transportation.


China gold group Inner Mongolia Mining Co. Ltd is a China Gold Group Co and Beijing to Czech company in accordance with the proportion of 9:1 venture, founded in 2007, the registered capital of 400 million yuan, mainly engaged in non-ferrous metal mineral exploration, mining, smelting and comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, investment and other business, focus on the development and construction of Wunugetushan copper molybdenum project.


John Finlay Engineering Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is an international engineering company specializing in the field of coal industry, including technology consulting, engineering design, equipment integration, engineering general contracting and project operation.

05.jpgNow it is the main subsidiary of Shanxi coking coal group, the largest coking coal production base in the country, and the first batch of pilot units of circular economy in China. The headquarter of the group is located at the foot of the west hill of Shanxi Taiyuan, the shore of Fenhe River, the Yingze street goes straight to the downtown area, and the traffic around the city passes across the expressway. The traffic is convenient and the business is well-developed.