Dust bag

Dust bag

Special FMS filter bag of garbage incineration

FMS is high temperature resistant bag, high corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, filter composite products of folding wear. FMS is a new type of high temperature filter material for blast furnace gas dry dedusting successfully.

FMS Based on P84 fiber filter bag add glass fiber needle felt, the felt layer more tightly wound reinforcement between fibers, can deal with higher filtration velocity. P84 fibers were trilobal cross section, thereby forming a surface coefficient is high, increasing the probability of dust and the fiber reinforcing, special shape, make the most of the dust is concentrated on the filter surface, more difficult to penetrate into the filter. Without clogging the gap, reducing the running resistance to filtration velocity.

The comparison of this product with the glass fiber needled felt is a little as follows:

1. high temperature resistance is excellent and can reach 260 degrees

2. wear, flexure resistance, folding resistance and more excellent

3. significant improvement of mechanical strength

4. resistance and running resistance decrease

5. enhancement of filter efficiency

6. improve the speed of filtration

7. significantly improved service life

8. to improve the adaptability of dust