Special mechanical back blowing bag filter for cement plant

The design of the flow pattern of the cyclone dust collector with mechanical back blowing bag dust collector in cement plant can play the role of local whirlwind and reduce the load of filter bag. The cylinder body, uniform stress, performance uprising.

ZC mechanical rotary back blowing bag dust collector consists of the following four parts

1, upper box: including the cover of the dust collector, the rotating cover device, the cleaning room for the hole, the observation hole and the air outlet after purification.

2, medium box: including flower board, filter bag, filter bag frame, filter bag guide mouth, filter chamber barrel,

3, the dusty gas inlet into the empty net.

4, under the box comprises a positioning supporting frame, hopper, discharge, bearing.

5. The anti - blow cleaning mechanism includes the rotary speed mechanism of the counter blow blower of the swirling arm.

The revolving arm of the anti - blower is driven by a reducer placed on the top, and the counter blower is placed on the top and is connected by a central pipe to a rotating arm for closed and back blowing.

The star type ash unloading valve, electric deceleration mechanism and its support, dust collector bracket and platform, ladder and counter blower foundation, and the circulating air pipeline shall be designed and installed according to the specific conditions of the scene.

Working principle:

Filtration condition, dust containing gas in the upper space to cut into the filter chamber, large particles and condensed dust under the centrifugal action, the cylinder arm rotary ash bucket, small particles in the filter chamber bag to the gap between the bags detention, purify the air through the bag wall through a bag in mouth together to clean the room, by the fan inlet and discharged to the atmosphere.

The regeneration condition, with filtration conditions, dust bag attached to the surface of the filter bag have gradually increased, when reaching the blowback control resistance limit, the differential pressure transmitter interface on the air duct precipitator after connected signal automatic start anti blowing mechanism.

With a sufficient quantity of blowing gas flow by the anti spiral nozzle blowing bag filter air guide port blocking and change the pressure inside the bag, the bag caused substantial shock, shake off the dust, arm rotation of the bag by backblowing, when the filter resistance is reduced to the lower limit, anti blowing mechanism automatically stop working.

In order to save the power of the anti blow blower and reduce the blow back and dust, it is not restricted by the gas source condition in the use occasion, and the wearing parts are few, the maintenance is simple and the operation is reliable. The disadvantages of compressed air pulse cleaning are overcome, the distance of anti blowing action is large, and long filter bag can be used, space is fully utilized, and the area is small.

1, the flow pattern design of the shell cyclone can play the role of local whirlwind and reduce the load of filter bag. The cylinder body, uniform stress, performance uprising.

2, using a high pressure blower equipment with cleaning, no use source conditions, less wearing parts, convenient maintenance, reliable operation and overcome the compressed air pulse cleaning problems, large distance reverse blowing effect, can use long bag, make full use of space, small occupied area.

3. The trapezoidal flat bag is arranged in the cylinder, and the structure is simple and compact. The filter area refers to the elevation. In the reverse blowing under the action of the trapezoidal flat bag big amplitude, only one shock, can shake off the dust, is conducive to improve the service life of the filter bag.

4. With the resistance of the dust collector as a signal, the dust cleaning cycle is automatically adjusted by controlling the back blowing of the dust and the concentration of the entrance. Compared with the timing pulse control, it is more reasonable and reliable.

5, the top cover is equipped with a rotary cover device and an operating hole, and the bag is operated on the top cleaning room without having to be covered.

6. In addition to the severe cold area, the dust remover can be set outside the open air, and the dust remover is not built.