Installation method of bag filter

The bag filter is a new type of filtration system. The inner part of the filter is supported by metal inner network. The liquid flows through the inlet, filtered out through the filter bag, and the impurities are intercepted in the filter bag, as shown in the right picture. Filter bags can be replaced or cleaned to continue to use

Warning: when the lid is open, the falling lid will hurt the hand.

1. First, please confirm whether the accessories required for the installation of the bag filter system are ready.

The main production of the filter bag type sealing ring

(3) the internal network of metal (4) filter bag (5) pressure meter (selection)

2, check the production type seal ring and a production slot machine, if the production of sealing ring deformation, scratches or rupture, or production type seal joint parts, replace the new accessories.

When installing and installing, please follow the following steps:

1. Put the bag filter on the filter station, connect the inlet and outlet flanges or the tube teeth, fix it, plug the exhaust vent, or configure the exhaust valve. Clamp type connection heat insulation heat source.

2, the metal inner net is gently put into the bag filter to make the neckline of the inner network anastomosed with the bag filter port.

3. The filter bag is placed to make the ring mouth of the filter bag and the neckline of the metal inner net anastomosed. Note: if you use a slit filter bag, please fold the seam side of the filter bag and put it into the bag. It can improve the filter effect of the seam filter bag.

4, the production of sealing ring into the groove type production, production of the sealing ring cannot be distorted or deformed, multi bag filter bag buckle ring.

5, on the one hand to hold the handle of the cover, the other end of a grip cover (rotate handwheel multi bag filter at the top of the upper cover), alignment filter bag mouth, slowly put down, the natural pressure on the production of flat type seal ring and bag mouth.

6, on the cover after the alignment, while the two diagonal tightening lifting cap, all lifting cap 11 (tightening ring interior inserted with the Bear Club).

7, close the vent valve installed at the top of the bag filter.

8. Please check the fastness of the connecting pipes and whether the working pressure is within the allowable range.

9. Open the output valve. Open the heat source into the valve so that the temperature of the filter is raised to the specified temperature.

10, open the input valve in a long way, let the liquid slowly inflow and fill the filter to prevent the liquid from suddenly impacting the filter bag, causing rupture, and then observing whether there is leakage. If there is no leakage, the filter can be started.