The principle and characteristics of the dry air generator

Dry air generator is widely used to supply dry air for large power equipment, such as transformer, reactor and other large power equipment. The dry air provided can ensure that the internal insulation of the electric power equipment is not dampened, and the maintenance personnel will not be asphyxiated when they work inside the equipment.

Principle: dry air generator is mainly composed of non thermal regeneration dryer, precision micro oil mist filter, dust removal filter, main pipeline filter and freeze dryer. When the air enters the coarse filter, dust is filtered into the refrigerator after the first filtration. Most of the water vapor is condensed into ice water. The air is dried for the first time. The air after freezing is entered into the precise micro oil mist filter (FA). Solid particles and 99% oil mist of 0.01 m are filtered out. Clean air enters the dryer and the remaining air is dry (adsorbed) again. The pressure dew point can reach -40 C ~ -65 C, and finally to the equipment that needs dry gas through the main pipe filter (FT).

Characteristics of dry air generator:

1. the use of twin screw air compressor, low temperature condensing water and other technologies.

The 2. volume is small, the weight is light, the operation is simple, the energy is saved, and the use is safe and reliable.

3. the combined use of cold drying machine, dry machine, ultra fine filtration and other advantages of scientific combination, produce high quality and low dew point dry air.

4., the integrated design of the machine can be equipped with PLC automatic control, automatic detection of all operation parameters, compact and reasonable structure, good drying effect, low consumption of regenerated gas, long working life, good use of compound desiccant, and life span more than three times than ordinary adsorbent.

5., regeneration and Adsorption Dehydration Technology, high precision coalescence dehydrating and dewatering filter core, and 0.01 M precision filter to ensure air cleanliness. It is easy to operate, energy saving, safe and reliable.

6. is more safe, reliable, economical and convenient than the use of nitrogen. When using the dry air generator to repair the equipment, it can't be influenced by the change of external climatic conditions. Especially after overnight operation, it is necessary to seal all flanges and to fill the dry air for 0.1 ~ 0.3Mpa, without oil injection transformer, reactor and so on.

7. reduce the workload of oil pumping and oil injection every day, shorten the maintenance period and improve the quality of maintenance.
8., during the process of oil filtration, it can inflate and dry the oil filling equipment box and oil. When it filters oil in rainy and wet environment, it can ensure the improvement of oil insulation and decrease of moisture.

9. of oil depot (tank) into the air dryer, the stored oil in the long-term qualified state, ready to assault engineering use at any time. It can also be used in other storeroom, library room, production place and so on, which need some dry air.