The important role of dust remover in work and life

The harm of air pollutants to human body is manifold. It is mainly manifested by respiratory disease and physiological dysfunction, and eye and nasal mucosa are stimulated. Such as chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma, emphysema and lung cancer and other diseases. For our health, we need a kind of dust and dust to remove air pollution. The dust collector in Shanghai is a device that separates the dust from the flue gas, which is called duster or dust removal equipment.

According to the traditional concept, incineration will generate a lot of exhaust gas, which is bound to cause environmental pollution. Therefore, the incineration of garbage must be strictly controlled. When burning garbage, the temperature of the gas burning layer on the top of the furnace is 999 degrees Celsius. This temperature is usually kept between 850 degrees Celsius and 1050 degrees Celsius, which makes the harmful gas including two evil spirits decomposed. After burning, the flue gas temperature is very high. In order to prevent the two evil spirits from being generated again in the process of cooling down, the flue gas must be treated by cooling and purifying system.

Ash cleaning: with dust precipitator principle continuously adhered to the outer surface of the bag, dust thickening layer continuously, the dust resistance value increases; when the resistance value reaches a certain value, pulse control command, control pulse valve open, high pressure gas bag of compressed air through the valve orifice flow blowing on the pulse and, to the venturi tube of a jet of high speed and high pressure ejecting airflow, a stock equivalent to ejection flow volume several times induced flow formation, effect of dust bag external mechanical force from outside bag off, falling into the ash hopper, to dust; when the bag fell to the lower limit of resistance. The cleaning mechanism to stop work, maintain the continuity of work dust collector.

Filtering principle: the dusty flow from the lower part of the box body into the precipitator hopper when working, because the flow cross-sectional area of sudden expansion, reducing the flow rate, air flow in a part of the large particles, dust density and condensed dust tube wall of the rotary ash bucket along the centrifugal force, and under the action of gravity, fine granularity; the density of small dust particles suspended in a gas by gas distribution device, diffusion evenly into the filter chamber through the filter bag filter bag in the gap, the surface of the inertial collision, sieve effect and deposited on the surface of filter bag, purified gas is discharged by the main fan.

The flue gas cooling treatment system is mainly composed of waste heat boiler, lime adding device, activated carbon powder injection device and bag filter. Activated carbon adsorption is currently recognized as the most effective method for the removal of two oxin. The bag dust collector can intercept the activated carbon powder and the residual dust on the surface of the filter bag, which are adsorbed with two oxin. The use of this series of measures can effectively remove the harmful substances in the flue gas and ensure the discharge of the standard. In order to prevent the cooling process of two dioxin re generation, mainly by the flue gas through the waste heat boiler, lime adding device, activated carbon powder jetting device and Shanghai dust remover and wet de acids device cooling and purifying system, effectively remove harmful substances in the smoke, ensure exhaust emissions standards. Pulse bag type dust collector in Shanghai usually circular bag, divided into the wind, to look askance at movement by dusty airflow under the direction of inlet two. Which usually consists of the net chamber, in the box body, an ash bucket, frame and pulse jet device.

If there is a serious pollution source where you work or living environment, such as waste gas produced by some factory equipment, so it is best to give the device with a suitable Shanghai dust collector, such not only can make us have a better working and living environment, but also can reduce the environmental pollution.